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Our custom visit our Factory to see how his order going

Date:2015-12-12 9:37:14 Edit:网站管理员 

On Oct. 16th , one of our customers come to visit our factory , to see what is going with his order , hundred of wigs for him . We had a very happy talking ,He checked his wigs , give many praises on the Hair quality , expecially for the blonde colors , he said our hair quality is better than the wig factory he worked before , not dry very smooth , I am very happy that he love our Fine Mongolian hair .


We had a whole free afternoon . His next order will be in the middle of Nov. will be larger than this time . I am waiting to see you again


He is very happy with our aftersale service , and that is also very important to us , every issue will be solved in a method which can make our customer happy , that is what New One Wigs always do .



As we need to keep all our customers' information confidencial , so no photos share


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