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We processed the hair for our customers

Date:2015-12-12 10:01:34 Edit:网站管理员 

On Nov. 5th , we got one package of our customer , 3kg of hair , but the hair is not from Ukraine , Russia, or Brazillian , it is from some place like Vietnam , if you touch you will feel it is not good hair . But , our work is to make customer happy , we have the unique method to process it .


I forgot to take a photo before we process it , that way can tell the difference before and after , here i post the photo after processing for your reference ,



What do you think about this hair ? Can you tell it is from Vietnam  or western of China ? It touch and looks like Brazilian hair . If you also buy hair by yourself , if you want your hair to touch and looks better than what it is , you can send to us , we will make it worth more .


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