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Mono base Toupee for men

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Men's Toupee 

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 Gernarally speaking ,there are three type of toupee, lace base , mono base ,Silicone base (PU)

1.    Lace base toupee ,the hair is tied directly on lace , with a little knot, this one is strong , can wear very long time .improved lace toupee can be added PU around .

2.    Mono base toupee, the hair is tied directly on Mono , similar to lace base toupee, but mono is a little harder than lace , but easy to wear , this one is most popular toupee , can also wear very long .improved mono toupee can also be added PU around , and even add lace on hairline to avoid the edge roll up

3.    Silicone base toupee ,most natural looking one , it looks like the hair is grow from your own scalp , three type of silicone toupee, knotted toupee, injected toupee,V loop toupee . Knotted toupee is stronger than the other two ,but the other two is more natural ,.the disadvantage for silicone toupee is life time is short . not strong as Lace base and Mono base .


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