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New One Co., Ltd

Our company started from selling the hair material since 1999, 

After 10 years developping , our factory bulit in 2010, we supply to many  Domestic companies , and grow very fast . 

In 2013, our international trade team built with brand of New One . Started with 10 salesmem.

With fast growing , we expanded our factory to 5000 m² in 2015 . 

Since 2017 , our international team reached to 50 people. 

In 2019, our annual capacity first reach to 400,000 sets  with 200 workers. 

As of 2020 ,We got over 37,500 clients all over the world , thank god , 

our stable quality won the trust of our clients. 

In 2021 ,we are expanded our R&D department to 15 people , we will keep moving with our clients ....

The hair market are getting harder and harder ,but when most of them are cutting cost to make price lower, what we do is to keep the high quality and good service. 

We believe that only good quality and good service can earn the  trust from clients, and keep company running healthily .


For us ,reputation is our life, we will never to destroy it by making low quality products. So you will be assured that all the products you get from us worth your expecting .