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Our promise

How is our wigs ?

How is our wigs ?

As a professional supplier for jewish Market , we only pick 20% of the best hair to make the wigs. 

The hair we use most is the Chinese picked young girls' hair , match to European hair quality as its soft and thin ,but not like European hair , Chinese only grow dark colors , 

so our light color is dyed with advanced technique , you cant even tell if its dyed . Lots of suppliers will tell you thats European hair ,but we dont want to market like that ,we choose to be honest , because we think the honest is the key to make business last and live . 

But we also offer the Russian hair and European hair if clients require, we have stable supplier for the hair , we mainly import the russian hair from Russia and Ukraine ,they have the most soft and lightest natural color . But the price is also high . For the European hair we use is usually from Uzbekistan hair , thats good quality hair , some hair can match to the Russian hair, but they only grow dark and brown hair . price is also high .

Considering the market is sensitive to the price ,so we never recommend Russian or European hair to our clients.But don't worry about the quality , because lots of famous 

brands in NY NJ are also using our Chinese picked hair , they love it and their clients love it , thats the best choice .

what we can promise you ? 

we stand behind our products, if you are not satisfied with our wigs, yon can return it without problem.  but except the special made wigs .