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Customer Voice

  • By Haya

    By Haya


    I orderred one lace front silk top wig, thats very different to what I got before, the connection is so flat and natural , no gap at all .I think this is a new technique ,I never saw this kind of connection before 

  • By Tania

    By Tania


    I like the wig, they made a natural hairline , the knot is different to my previous wig.the cap is with silk underneath , its good design ,the one I got before is without that ,and the cap is not durable .I think this can last long time 

  • By Mora

    By Mora


    I bought one lace top wig 26" Honey blonde with dark root, its so natural blend , when I asked what hair is this , they honestly told me its Chinese picked hair , but match toEuropean hair quality , I dont know what Euroean hair feel , but the one I got is so soft , I like it .

  • By Debra

    By Debra


    This is the best wig I ever got, I have tried several suppliers before , but the quality never suprised me . When I got this one , I am so happy ,it feel so soft even they told me its not European hair ,but it touched like European hair, I was told that picked Chinese hair .I never thought Chinese hair could be so soft . really Amazing !

  • By Sandrine

    By Sandrine


    They are so helpful , I found I made a mistake for my cap size after order arranged for one week ,but they fixed for me without problem. and the wig I got is perfect matching to my head, thank god !

  • By Mellisa

    By Mellisa


    I got the wig, its so beautiful , just the color I want ,the hair is amazing ,I will definitly order another one !

  • By  Ashely

    By Ashely


    I am happy to your service , very professional, always know what I want even I am new to this business ,I never feel confused .Thanks for your good service and help! that means a lot to me 

  • By Henya

    By Henya


    The lace is well shaped , it can attach on my head without problem, good work , but I hope you have more colors and lengths for my future orders .

  • By Shuly

    By Shuly


    I like this bandfall , I got one free band , I paid only $300 , but the quality just exceeded my expectations , very good quality .

  • By Adina

    By Adina


     This is the third time I orderred from them , the quality is always good ,but I hope I can get more sizes options , not only 8x8 people sometimes need smaller one .